Product Updates ⛵️ – November 2020

From now, we will be regularly posting product updates on our blog! Our CTO Martin will take you through the list of features, fixes and improvements, hold tight.

New features 🚀

  • Redesigned bookings page, booking cards and booking detail for both sailor and marina
  • We have added currency switching, you can find it in top right corner on desktop, or at the bottom of the page on mobile
  • We have simplified the bookings page categories for both sailor and marina
  • Added status field to booking, you can now easily tell if the booking is waiting for marina to accept or the booking has been accepted and ready to be paid

Fixes & improvements 😇

  • Reduced the app size and improved caching for faster load times
  • Fixed a bug when swiping back on search modal would not close the modal and instead would go back to previous page
  • Fixed a bug where new messages would not appear in chat
  • Polished inbox readability
  • Added option to disable payments or disable reservations for marina
  • Fixed weird looking icons in marina profile page
  • We have added to marina detail page
  • Fixed a bug where cancel button was missing on future bookings
  • We have improved the image sizes and added lazy loading of images
  • Fixed a bug where you could insert any character into number inputs
  • Fixed styling issues throughout the app
  • Fixed a bug when unread messages counter would not disappear
  • Fixed email templates
  • Fixed sitemap language issue
  • Fixed a bug on password reset page
  • Fixed icons

PS: Know a marina that should be on Seasy? Let us know at and we will set them up ❤️

See you at ⛵️